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Colouring in download

Hi friends, I did a drawing a few years ago, inspired by a female role model in the whitewater kayaking world who lived it large doing what she loved. Lou Jull passed in March 2015 whilst paddling the lower Kaituna Gorges. I never met Lou but was aware of her inspirational character. In March 2015, I found myself amongst friends & a community both grieving & celebrating a life. The drawing came from frustration of such a loss but to also honour such a spirit.

I’ve made a version of the drawing available below for you to download and fill with your own colour. The fun thing is we all colour our worlds so differently. So in the spirit of Lou, charge at it, embrace the moment, splash that colour around & enjoy.

Send a pic or tag @adventurous_pencil on Instagram, I'd love to see how you get on. Peace friends. 

Click, print & colour in till your heart's content.