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Wild + co, based in Colorado, are a lifestyle & apparel brand celebrating outdoor culture & mountain life.

We undertook a brand redesign & development of 4 contemporary tee designs with positive messaging for wilds protection.

"Having worked with a number of artists & creatives in establishing the Wild + co brand, Amy stood out by not only creating great design work, but more importantly in helping us fully form our creative identity."

- Scott Sajowitz, Owner, Wild + co

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Save Our Rivers campaigns to protect the wild places. The purpose of this tee illustration is to represent the multitude of connections people have to the wild places - whatever your outdoor activity of choice.

Tees sold out within 3 days of release.

"Yeow! Massively pleased to have launched our latest tee!"

- Tom Laws, Save Our Rivers

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Palm Equipment make & distribute paddle sports gear to passionate paddle enthusiasts. To celebrate & promote the release of their new whitewater helmet, we created an illustration to be featured on a limited edition tee & hand drawn onto one of the new helmets. ‘On the Brain’ is a nod to the functional benefits of the product, but also represents the passion of a white water paddler.

"Amy understands adventure and the outdoor life so on the vaguest direction her initial sketches struck a chord immediately."

- Pete Wood, Palm Equipment

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