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 I grew up in the sunshine, surf, sand and rainforests of tropical Queensland, Australia with a mop of curly hair, fists full of crayons and things to draw on (strong preference for the underside of the dining room table - sorry Mum). 


Getting outdoors and creating have always been my favourite activities, however, both of these buckled up in the back seat whilst I obtained a psychology degree and embarked on a career in the corporate world of health and safety. Eventually attempting to quench an inkling thirst for creativity, I studied graphic design at night.

It took a good slap in the face, the loss of a close friend for me to reflect on life choices and honour the inner calling whilst the heart's still beating. So I packed my bags and moved to New Zealand to live next to a couple of volcanos, study outdoor education and ultimately become an outdoor instructor. Nailed it. Indulging in the breath taking rivers, rock and mountains of New Zealand, but still clutching onto fistfuls of crayons, Adventurous Pencil was born. 

Aviemore in Bonny Scotland is the current Adventurous Pencil headquarters (as you can't be too far from a beautiful outdoors hub). 

My pieces aim to capture the feeling of the adventure, moment, place. Bold lines, repetitious patterns. Heavily influenced by the aboriginal art I was enamoured with as a whipper snapper. Add a splash of the utmost respect for the environment and the absolute magic and beauty it turns on everyday, all culminates to an Amy Dunis piece. 

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My parents played a big part in forming my love for the environment. You can check out my dad’s native Australian bird and wildlife photography here.

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