Bespoke Illustrations

Custom art pieces to honour your story or a loved ones. 190 - 220gsm paper, pigment ink pen, optional watercolour.

High detailed circle illustrations are:

A4 - $290 NZD

A3 - $380 NZD

A2 - $ contact

*Unless other agreement is made, in accordance with copyright law, the artist retains copyright of custom illustrations produced. 

+ shipping ( standard post $5 NZ, $15 international; courier/ tracking can be arranged approx $5-10 more)

Price variation for watercolours, full page illustrations and simpler designs.

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Previous bespoke illustrations:

'Wild Ones' was a birthday gift for Pete from his wife Nicola and cuties Sonny and George.

Sonny and George pictured below are pretty much mini Bear Grylls's in the making. Always curious and always getting amongst in any weather. A stick can be the best toy and a yellow jacket can make you kind of invincible right...?