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Be the funny banana



'Be the funny banana, just like every other funny banana' (- by me, I just made that up... it's not perfect, acknowledged)

I used to tell my outdoor ed students 'fake it til you make it', but it turns out I may have been giving bad advice... being confident or trying to pretend to be confident has its pluses, but it can also lead to overestimating abilities, lack of relatability & frustration when you don't achieve... the new trend with the hipsters in the know this season is self compassion (vs self confidence). A bit of self compassion- acknowledging flaws & talking to yo' imperfect self like a best bud is the happy medium.

So instead of berating yourself that you're a muppet for picking up the wrong bag at the airport, dropping that jar of pickles, eating that whole block of chocolate (accidentally), or for falling off that climb, bike, very well groomed footpath - have a giggle instead & lovingly call yourself a funny banana. Everybody's a banana anyway, that's what keeps us connected, being imperfect. Inspired by 'Why self compassion beats self confidence' - an article from the NY Times by Kristen Wong. ✌ 


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